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When the good, dry weather of spring and summer time arrives, it is always welcomed as "barbecue time"

firepit grill.Most of us have developed a taste for outdoor living from our holidays abroad, especially after seeing how the people in other countries cook and eat together in the fresh air.

We have moved on from simply cooking a few sausages on a barbecue, and nowadays many people are looking for facilities more like they have in their kitchens.

Therefore outdoor ovens, pizza ovens, spits and rotisseries have become ever more popular.

We have a range of products for outdoor cooking to fit every pocket. From a simple firepit with a grille over it for under £100, to a full outdoor kitchen costing thousands.outdoor kitchen

To start finding your ideal garden cooking solution, just use the menus on the left and have a look around.

We are sure to have something to fit your garden and your pocket.

Or if you prefer, simply give us a call for a chat on 0161 743 9567.