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designer chimineasOur gardens are more than just somewhere to plant a few flowers and play with the dog. These days, they are an extension of our homes and lots of us lavish attention on them as we would any other part of the house.

We invite friends and family round to entertain them.

We have birthdays and other celebrations there.

We relax there after work or at weekends to give ourselves a place to relieve the stresses of life.

With this in mind, the design of everything that goes into our gardens is more and more a reflection of our own personal tastes and personalities.

Therefore, we have put together our special "Designer" sections of our site for those who want todesigner barbecue spend a little more, to creat the perfect environment for cooking, eating and relaxing.

We have a wide range of cooking and heating ideas as well as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, outdoor bars and other ideas.

Simply use the menus on the left to have a look around, but if you have a specific idea for soemthing you want, please give us a call and see if we can help 0161 743 9567.

We are always glad to help.